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Since 1948 Dimond Chiropractic Center has been providing outstanding care to patients in the following areas:
  • Arm Pain Leg Pain (sciatica)
  • Neck and Low Back Pain
  • Tingling and Numbness
  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bulged, herniated, ruptured discs
We work with all medical specialists to assure you the best possible outcomes of any modern day treatment facility!
spinal disc damage
disc decompression table

Dimond Chiropractic Center is the only local chiropractor that offers and specializes in disc decompression to treat degenerated discs of the neck and lower back which have lost their normal shape and shock absorbing properties. Disc decompression is a simple, painless way to gently stretch out compressed discs and get you back to a normal, pain free existence. As you lay comfortably on your back or stomach, the Decompression table gently adds a mild stretching force to your spine. The amount of force is determined by inputting your height, weight, sex, age, and vertebral level involvement into the computer. It then develops a pull program custom tailored for each patient.

Never been to a Chiropractor? Wondering what to expect? Take a look at our FAQ's to help put your mind at ease.

Does it hurt to receive Chiropractic adjustments?

Studies show that over 90 percent of patients experience very little discomfort with Chiropractic adjustments. All of the procedures and therapies preformed at DiMond Chiropractic are proven safe and effective. We are trained in the use of Activator Chiropractic Technique. This is a low force instrument that delivers a very effective adjustment with out the force of traditional Chiropractic manipulations.

My last Chiropractor spent only 2 or 3 minutes per visit. Is this true of your office?

NO NO NO and NO! At each and every visit we take the time to listen and care to your concerns. Your first visit can run up to one hour as we completely examine you and develop a custom treatment plan for your specific needs. Would you return to a Dentist or Family Doctor that spent 2 minutes with you each visit? We always encourage open communication between the patient and doctor and welcome questions on each and every visit.

I have heard of patients being required to come in 3 or 4 times a week for months. Is this how you operate?

We value your time and health, at DiMond Chiropractic. We strive to make the most of every visit returning you to good health. We do not force you or hard sell you into ineffective long term care plans. We offer the best care from the best Chiropractor at the best price. More is not always better. We believe that the bodies inborn healing abilities need to be part of the equation. After the first 2-4 weeks of acute care we usually begin to space out the visits in order to allow the body to begin the natural healing process.

What makes DiMond Chiropractic different than the countless others that have failed to help me?

We truly feel that the original is always the best. We were the first clinic in Armstrong county to offer disc decompression, foot levelers, complete physiotherapy suites, and multiple adjusting techniques. We do not deliver the "pop and pray" adjusting that has become so common today. Chiropractic was founded by Dr's DD & BJ Palmer who were President and Vice President when Dr John DiMond s Sr., Dr. John's Father, attended Palmer. Our training goes back to the very foundation of Chiropractic. You can rest easy that a visit to our office will be comfortable, relaxing, and help you with any number of ailments you or your family may be experiencing.

How much does it cost?

Each and every patient is different. In order to determine your cost for treatment it is necessary to have your insurance benefits checked by our billing staff. We do believe in keeping our costs low to pass the savings along to the patient. Do you ever wonder who pays for billboard advertising, expensive websites, and such? YOU DO, THE PATIENT! Over 90 percent of our advertising is internal, we manage our own website and we strive to keep costs low to pass savings on to you. Our best method of advertising is our happy patients, LIKE YOU!!!!