Jim F.Kittanning, PA

I have had ongoing/progressive weakness in my legs starting some 15 years ago. My daughter is a patient at DCC and I was somewhat interested in disc decompression. I had a preconceived notion that I needed to meet with a neurosurgeon first before any treatment. I actually had L4L5 discectomy with fusion 10 years prior. My daughter explained everything to Dr. DiMond and he referred me to Dr. Matt Alkhedi MD. Dr. Matt is a board certified neurosurgeon and teaches neurosurgery at UPMC. He is also the chief neurosurgeon at UPMC Passivent. So I called and he set me up for two months away. Dr. DiMond felt this was way too long to wait and got me in for an emergency appointment two days later! (WOW) I met with Dr. Matt and he did a lumbar MRI and informed me that the disc decompression system at the Disc Center at DiMond Chiropractic was without question the best first line of treatment. Mind you this is coming from a board certified neurosurgeon! So without delay I set up a treatment plan for disc decompression. One thing I forgot to mention is that after my first surgery I had no feeling in my right foot for the past ten years. Dr. Matt informed me that parasthesia lasting that amount of time virtually never comes back. Well I started out 4 times a week for two weeks to really get a decompressing force applied to my lumbar spine. I started to feel better after the end of week one into week two. By the end of the third week all of the symptoms that I started decompression for were gone. The right foot had no feeling yet and this was expected. I know from past experience not to quit when symptoms lesson so I was determined to finish the six weeks. Well, towards the end of the fourth week into the fifth the numbness in my right foot started to tingle. Then as treatments progressed it actually regained feeling 100%! Dr. Matt & Dr. DiMond were both blown away by this change of events. The chance of bringing a nerve back to 100% function after ten years is less than 1%. After finishing the intensive part of my plan, Dr. DiMond concentrates on strengthening and reconditioning muscle groups. I do believe Dr. DiMond is a tremendous asset to the community and I firmly believe that he saved me from a second major back surgery. The amount of knowledge Dr. DiMond brought here from his clinic associate position at the largest office in Pennsylvania is amazing and I consider him a valuable tool to have such a wonderful physician right here in Ford City.

Shirley S.Ford City, PA

I had been having trouble with TMJ pain off and on for around a year. My first trip was to my PCP. He recommended cervical spine X-rays and a course of steroid medications. This did seem reasonable as I had been told that TMJ was a medical issue not really a dental problem. I started on 800mg of Advil three times a day. I had cervical X-rays preformed at ACMH. The X-ray report was negative showing no obvious pathology. The 2400 mg’s of Advil a day did provide some relief, however, the upset stomach was more than I could tolerate. At my follow up visit my PCP changed me to 600mg’s of Advil three times a day and suggested I see a dentist. This seemed like a logical step after he explained that dentists do often deal with TMJ dysfunction. Also the drop in Advil dose seemed go help my adverse GI symptoms. At my dental appointment he instructed me to look in a mirror. The gap between my top two teeth and the gap between my bottom two teeth did not line up. The bottom was shifted approximately 1 inch. This FLOORED me. He informed me that dentists do treat TMJ, however, with invasive methods like surgery, plating, molded bite guards and so on. He told me he sees Dr John DiMond. And now I have been a 20 year patient of Dr. John so I decided before any more invasive action I would try this. Dr. DiMond consulted with me and by checking me leg balance determined that my TMJ was malpositioned left to right. He put me on treatment plan consisting of TMJ manipulation, ultrasound, cold laser , and cervical manipulation. Also we discussed in detail all of the do’s and don’ts of TMJ. At the end of the first week I was skeptical. I had only seen limited benefits that were short lived. He sat me down and explained that we were correcting the joint not just masking the symptoms. I stuck with it due to tremendous respect for the family and I thank god every day I did. One day during the third week I was relating how the symptoms had eased. Out came the trusty mirror and the top and bottom gap were 100% spot on. Needless to say by the end of the 4 weeks I had not had one single headache, TMJ clicking or pain,neck pain or any of the symptoms that had me seeing doctors all over town. My Dentist had told me that if Chiropractic failed a may have been looking at surgical intervention. I have been seeing Dr. DiMond monthly in order to keep my spine and TMJ in optimal health. I have been a patient at DCC for 20 years and with the knowledge and expertise Dr. DiMond B.S D.C. has brought to the table I foresee a long standing relationship with DiMond Chiropractic.

Hunter A.Ford City, PA

Hunter was born with a severe spasm of his neck muscle group on the right. It was so bad that the constant lying on his right side was causing flattening of the right side of his skull. My baby’s PCP told us it would soon pass. Well weeks turned into months and nothing. He was put through a course of in home physical therapy with no help. We were desperate and did not know how to help our son. We saw an advertisement for a new Chiropractor in town and gave her a try. She seemed very timid handling a baby and seemed very afraid to render any treatment. We were ready to give up when a friend of my husband said try Dr. DiMond may be able to help you as I know they have experience with kids. Dr DiMond took Hunter in his hands like he was his very own. He examined Hunter and explained what was going on. He recommended a treatment plan and a course of muscle release exercises to be done at home. We saw a light at the end of the tunnel that night for the first time in a long time. No longer crying and appearing miserable Hunter smiled a few times after his first adjustment. Slowly with the office treatments and the home program Hunter returned to normal. He had normal head posture, mood stabilized, weight gain was evident, and his skull returned to a normal shape. After six weeks we took Hunter to his PCP and he excitedly proclaimed “the physical therapy worked.” No, we said his Chiropractor did this. “Impossible” he fired back. We just looked at each other and our happy baby boy and smiled knowing full well the miracle that had taken place at DiMond Chiropractic Center.

Mike C.Kittanning, PA

After many years of abusing my body in the navy I found myself in chronic low back and knee pain. I was told by doctor after doctor that my only options were strong narcotic pain medications or to just deal with it. I was diagnosed with advanced arthritis and neuralgia and surgery was not an option. One day by chance I read an insert in the local paper. Everything Dr. DiMond explained made sense and this was the drug free & natural help I was so desperately seeking. Well all I can say is that Dr. DiMond exceeded my expectations and more. By starting me on whole food supplements I noticed a significant reduction in my arthritic pain. Also after sticking to the regular adjustment schedule I was able to regain the energy, strength, and stamina that had been missing for so long. I can not thank Dr. DiMond enough for giving me not just my life back but quality to go with.

Jamie S.Kittanning, PA

I suffered with low back and neck pain for over twenty years. After a friend at church told me about the success she had with Dr. DiMond I decided to give it a try. On the first visit I was warmly welcomed into the office by the friendly staff. After spending an hour with Dr. DiMond we discussed all of the options that could help address my issues. We started with adjustments of the low back and pelvic area. I also took Dr. DiMond’s advice and purchased stabilizing orthotics. After looking at the laser scan he had taken of my feet I found out that I had no arch in either foot. Well I am happy to say that after 6 weeks of visits my 20 years of suffering has come to an end. My only mistake was not calling Dr. DiMond earlier.