Hunter A.Ford City, PA

Hunter was born with a severe spasm of his neck muscle group on the right. It was so bad that the constant lying on his right side was causing flattening of the right side of his skull. My baby’s PCP told us it would soon pass. Well weeks turned into months and nothing. He was put through a course of in home physical therapy with no help. We were desperate and did not know how to help our son. We saw an advertisement for a new Chiropractor in town and gave her a try. She seemed very timid handling a baby and seemed very afraid to render any treatment. We were ready to give up when a friend of my husband said try Dr. DiMond may be able to help you as I know they have experience with kids. Dr DiMond took Hunter in his hands like he was his very own. He examined Hunter and explained what was going on. He recommended a treatment plan and a course of muscle release exercises to be done at home. We saw a light at the end of the tunnel that night for the first time in a long time. No longer crying and appearing miserable Hunter smiled a few times after his first adjustment. Slowly with the office treatments and the home program Hunter returned to normal. He had normal head posture, mood stabilized, weight gain was evident, and his skull returned to a normal shape. After six weeks we took Hunter to his PCP and he excitedly proclaimed “the physical therapy worked.” No, we said his Chiropractor did this. “Impossible” he fired back. We just looked at each other and our happy baby boy and smiled knowing full well the miracle that had taken place at DiMond Chiropractic Center.