Mike C.Kittanning, PA

After many years of abusing my body in the navy I found myself in chronic low back and knee pain. I was told by doctor after doctor that my only options were strong narcotic pain medications or to just deal with it. I was diagnosed with advanced arthritis and neuralgia and surgery was not an option. One day by chance I read an insert in the local paper. Everything Dr. DiMond explained made sense and this was the drug free & natural help I was so desperately seeking. Well all I can say is that Dr. DiMond exceeded my expectations and more. By starting me on whole food supplements I noticed a significant reduction in my arthritic pain. Also after sticking to the regular adjustment schedule I was able to regain the energy, strength, and stamina that had been missing for so long. I can not thank Dr. DiMond enough for giving me not just my life back but quality to go with.