Shirley S.Ford City, PA

I had been having trouble with TMJ pain off and on for around a year. My first trip was to my PCP. He recommended cervical spine X-rays and a course of steroid medications. This did seem reasonable as I had been told that TMJ was a medical issue not really a dental problem. I started on 800mg of Advil three times a day. I had cervical X-rays preformed at ACMH. The X-ray report was negative showing no obvious pathology. The 2400 mg’s of Advil a day did provide some relief, however, the upset stomach was more than I could tolerate. At my follow up visit my PCP changed me to 600mg’s of Advil three times a day and suggested I see a dentist. This seemed like a logical step after he explained that dentists do often deal with TMJ dysfunction. Also the drop in Advil dose seemed go help my adverse GI symptoms. At my dental appointment he instructed me to look in a mirror. The gap between my top two teeth and the gap between my bottom two teeth did not line up. The bottom was shifted approximately 1 inch. This FLOORED me. He informed me that dentists do treat TMJ, however, with invasive methods like surgery, plating, molded bite guards and so on. He told me he sees Dr John DiMond. And now I have been a 20 year patient of Dr. John so I decided before any more invasive action I would try this. Dr. DiMond consulted with me and by checking me leg balance determined that my TMJ was malpositioned left to right. He put me on treatment plan consisting of TMJ manipulation, ultrasound, cold laser , and cervical manipulation. Also we discussed in detail all of the do’s and don’ts of TMJ. At the end of the first week I was skeptical. I had only seen limited benefits that were short lived. He sat me down and explained that we were correcting the joint not just masking the symptoms. I stuck with it due to tremendous respect for the family and I thank god every day I did. One day during the third week I was relating how the symptoms had eased. Out came the trusty mirror and the top and bottom gap were 100% spot on. Needless to say by the end of the 4 weeks I had not had one single headache, TMJ clicking or pain,neck pain or any of the symptoms that had me seeing doctors all over town. My Dentist had told me that if Chiropractic failed a may have been looking at surgical intervention. I have been seeing Dr. DiMond monthly in order to keep my spine and TMJ in optimal health. I have been a patient at DCC for 20 years and with the knowledge and expertise Dr. DiMond B.S D.C. has brought to the table I foresee a long standing relationship with DiMond Chiropractic.